We have just published our first collection of cartoons in a book, simply entitled 'Creswell'.

The illustrations are in black & white, with a foreword by the cartoonist Loon.
Although not currently listed on the Order Form, copies of 'Creswell' are available at £6-50 each + postage.


We also have a selection of postcards for sale, as shown below.
Postcards are 50p each + postage.

No 1: Launching the boat--!

No 2: "We seem to have hit one of these new traffic calmers!"

No 6: "If I were the only Gull in the world, and you were the only Buoy..!"

No 13: "That dog watches too much television!"

No 12: Full Stretch!

No 18: The Sassenach

No 36: "A tidy desk is an empty mind!"

No 37: "A tidy desk is an empty mind!"

No 39: "Actually, these are our indoor clothes!"

No 59: Summer comes to the Highlands!

No 63 : Wind farm Washing Day!

No 77: The peppered bottom

No 78: The complete Angler!